What Seeds to Plant in March

Updated: May 1, 2019

Growing tips for starting seeds indoors

It’s recommended to use grow lights, as seedlings may not receive enough light for strong growth even in a window. It takes about 6-8 weeks for these varieties to grow to transplant-size when started from seed. Therefore, by starting these seeds in March, the seedlings will be ready to plant outdoors in the garden in May, just in time for the weather to be warm enough to plant them outside.

Furthermore, it’s important to harden off your seedlings before planting outdoors. Keep an eye on the extended weather forecast and look for the air temperature to remain warmer than 50F before planting these summer veggies.

Ginkgo Gardens has everything you need for starting seeds, including seedling trays and pots, seed-starting soil, heat mats, and the following seed varieties below.

Top 5 seeds to start indoors in March:

Chile peppers! Grow your own restaurant-style appetizers with Shishito pepper seeds.

Cherry Tomatoes - Cherry tomatoes produce prolifically and resist blossom end rot. Enjoy them just-picked, in sauces, or oven-dried. Grow your own rainbow salsa with Bumblebee Mix.

Asian Eggplants - These varieties grow abundant tender eggplants that are delicious in stir-fries, curries, and pasta dishes.

Ground Cherries - This tomatillo-cousin tastes just like pineapple (so cool!) Eat them fresh or use in jams and baked goods.