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Featured Trees and Shrubs

Tucked away in the corners of our yards, these beautiful specimens might blend into their surroundings, so we're giving them the spotlight they deserve. If interested or have any questions regarding these items, please contact us through phone or email, or visit the store to see them in person.


Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum dissectum


Vivid green, finely cut leaves are

and punctuated by red petioles. Leaves turn to stunning shades of orange in the fall. 


Current stature 5' tall by 9' wide.


Green Laceleaf - leaf.jpg

Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum dissectum

This specimen has delicate feathery foliage in bright shades of light green that cascade in elegant layers. Excellent fall color.


Current size 4' tall by 5.5' wide.



Red Buckeye

Aesculus pavia

Fast-growing deciduous tree that will reach heights and widths of 15 to 20 feet. Coral red panicle blooms emerge in spring, attracting hummingbirds.

Current size 5.5' tall by 4' wide.


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